Certificate/Event Review Request Form

If you have been asked to provide a Certificate of Insurance to a venue where you are having an event, what do you do? If you have a contract with insurance verbiage, what do you do? This form outlines the information needed to request a Certificate of Insurance or to request that a contract with insurance verbiage be reviewed.


Please review this resource before requesting your Certificate of Insurance to ensure you receive your Certificate in a timely manner. If you are planning an event on our list of risky activities, including the use of inflatables, you must contact your organization's national headquarters for exceptions to our position.


We require two weeks notice for all Certificate of Insurance and contract review requests.


PLEASE NOTE: Many times you are required to enter into a contract with a venue where you are holding your event. Please attach the contract or agreement to this form and submit to us BEFORE signing it to ensure that your Sorority/Fraternity can comply with the request.


Failure to accurately complete this form or provide the contract may result in a delay in processing. This form must be completed in order to receive a Certificate of Insurance or to have your contract reviewed. Repeated follow-up after submitting this form will result in delays and push your request to the back of the queue.