This section is the edited website version of the Insurance & Risk Management Summary. Each coverage type can be accessed via the Coverages tab and corresponding drop-down menu above.


The purpose of the Insurance & Risk Management Summary is to inform you of the important features of the insurance protection provided by your national organization and to present some basic risk management information for your reference.


Our philosophy has been that the more informed the volunteers and members are of the insurance protection and the exposures to risk, the better risk manager they will be in performing their duties for their organization.


In addition to this Insurance and Risk Management Summary, we email the Insurance Overview to every chapter and house corporation at the beginning of the new policy term. The Insurance Overview illustrates in detail the specific coverages and features for your location. Should you wish to obtain a copy of your Insurance Overview, please contact us to request a copy.


Our primary role as your insurance agent and risk manager is to understand the exposures or threats to your organization that could ultimately produce an "economic" loss to your organization, thus putting it at a greater risk of operating successfully. Then we analyze the probability of loss and recommend that the exposure either be:

  • Eliminated in its entirety
  • Reduced with good risk management
  • Transferred to another

It is only after this analysis that the decisions of risk management and/or buying insurance can be made. Securing adequate but not excessive insurance is the balance that we strive to achieve with our clients.


MJ Insurance | Sorority Department specializes in writing insurance products and providing risk management resources and services to fraternal organizations. We look forward to your feedback, as we continually strive to improve our communication to our clients.