Historic Properties Coverage

IMAGE: historic properties.jpgThe national insurance policy offered by MJ Sorority provides the important coverage for your chapter house. The coverage is designed to repair or replace your building if damaged or destroyed by the comprehensive perils (causes of loss) in the insurance policy. The method used by the insurance company at the time of loss is to replace the damaged property with materials that are of like kind and quality of that which was damaged. This means that modern materials and modern workmanship will be used to repair or replace the property.

For most chapter houses, replacement cost coverage is appropriate for what look you want to maintain/retain of your building. If however your chapter house is considered “historic” by a Local Register, a National Register, or National Landmark Register of Historic Places, you may prefer a different approach. 

Under these registers, the property owner has obligations to reproduce the damaged features to the exact same design, decorative style and dimensions that existed prior to the loss, using identical materials with respect to kind and quality used historically for building. 

Previously we did not have a mechanism in the policy to provide for the “reproduction costs” of these historic chapter houses. We are pleased to introduce a new coverage that can be added for your historic designation which can provide the coverage to actually reproduce the identical feature of your building if damaged.

To qualify for this coverage, you will need to secure an appraisal on your chapter house for its historical value and worth. Once secured, we can then add the coverage on to your location for the important additional coverage. In adding this coverage, we will use the appraisal value for the building and the current property rate will have a five percent surcharge added for the enhanced coverage.

Should you have any questions on the new insurance coverage, please contact your Client Executive.