Total Leak Concepts

Water damage is historically the most frequent claim in the insurance industry – and the technology now exists to greatly minimize that damage or even avoid it in many cases.  


Water damage is the leading cause of loss for our clients. For that reason, several years ago, we researched several new technologies to determine which would be more beneficial and cost-effective for our clients. After studying the issue, we developed a partnership with Total Leak Concepts.


Total Leak Concepts uses a technology called Pipe Burst Pro that is a proven and effective water leak protection system that utilizes the internet to provide owners with the ability to constantly monitor and control their water systems. This is especially important to sororities and women's fraternities as an overwhelming percentage of water leaks occur when the house is unoccupied. PipeBurst Pro is the highest-quality, most effective automatic flood detection and prevention system on the market.


PipeBurst Pro provides the ultimate in leak protection at an affordable price – and we have negotiated a five percent rate discount for installations for our clients.


Please contact Bob Hearn for a quotation for your property. He will need to know the size of your incoming water line – information your plumber can provide you – and the number of occupants in the house.


Water leaks can be catastrophic, expensive, and extremely disrupting to sorority life. Avoid these problems with the Peace of Mind of PipeBurst Pro!


For questions and quotations, please contact:

Bob Hearn 




 Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What components are necessary for a basic system?

A VIP controller, TickerValve, and FloMeter are required to provide basic leak protection. We also recommend the use of wireless sensors in the laundry, water heaters, and kitchens to provide immediate shut off in those areas.


2.  How do I determine the size of the valve and FloMeter I need?

The size of the entering water pipe into the structure dictates the size of the TickerValve. The FloMeter is sized by the amount of water the chamber can process which is determined by various factors including the number of occupants and water appliances in the house. Please contact our office to discuss this specific question.


3.  Where is the VIP controller located?

If wireless sensors are used, the VIP needs to be located in a central location to ensure wireless connectivity. However, the VIP cannot be more than 107.5 feet from the TickerValve. The VIP comes with 7.5 feet of harness and extensions are available up to an additional 100 feet. The FloMeter can be wired at an unlimited distance to the VIP.


4.  What are the electrical needs?

Only the VIP requires electricity (standard 110) as both the TickerValve and FloMeter pull their needs from it. The TickerValve is wired through a 4 wire harness and the FloMeter requires a single wire.


5.  How do I determine my pricing?

As the size of the pipe, size of the house, occupancy, etc. all play a role in sizing the system, clients should contact Total Leak to discuss specific pricing. MJ customers also enjoy a special discount that will be factored into any quotation.


6.  How can I access

One your account is setup, you can access ionleaks from your phone, tablet, or computer providing you with both monitoring and control of your water system from anywhere in the world there is an internet signal.


7.  How do I determine the settings of my FloMeter?

We will recommend initial setting parameters. After 30 days, the data from will provide the information to help set your minimum and maximum thresholds. TLC and PipeBurst Pro will assist you with that process.


8.  How many people can have an ionleaks account to monitor and control the system?

Two people can be assigned per user account. However, additional user accounts can be established to allow for as many people as necessary to access