Your most powerful advocate.

When you have a claim, we dig in. Count on us as an aggressive claims advocate. Here’s what that means for you:

  • We directly report your claim to the insurance company and then monitor it closely, ensuring that your claim is always getting appropriate attention from the adjuster.
  • We’re diligent about providing detailed claims communications so that you’re always up to date with your claim’s progress.
  • We provide quarterly reports—and a thorough analysis—of claims activity and results.
  • We work with Carrier, which has claims offices throughout the United States to handle every insured location. Carrier uses inside claims adjustors on nearly every claim.
  • We have national “Special Handling” instructions for all of the insurance company’s claims personnel to refer to when adjusting one of our claims, which provides adjustors background information on women’s fraternities and sororities to help them better understand the types of claims our clients face.
  • We have instantaneous access to all of the claims adjuster’s internal notes on every claim, meaning we can really champion your interests.
  • We follow an aggressive system to push your claim toward closure.

From start to finish, our process keeps you informed and your claim on track.