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Upcoming Webinars

Your Insurance & Risk Management Questions About COVID-19

COVID-19 was designated as a global pandemic on March 11, 2020. Since then, the situation has been changing by the day, and we have many more questions than answers at this point. However, we want to give you a chance to ask your questions and do our best to answer your insurance and risk management related questions.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 1-2PM ET
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Recent Webinars

Employment Implications of COVID-10: March 25, 2020

Michelle Anderson, employment law expert, will join us to discuss implications of COVID-19 on employers and employees, including recommendations around unemployment, paid sick leave, and other consequences facing employers and employees as we face the uncertainty ahead.

When: Wednesday, March 25th at 1PM ET
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Mental Health: April 1, 2020

We had planned a mental health webinar for housing staff and volunteers, but we have decided to open it up to all types of volunteers, employees, and members. Now seems like a perfect time to discuss mental health!

Webinar host: Will Frankenberger believes in the power of honest and direct dialogue when working with all people – why beat around the bush when you can just jump right to the point. Will’s approach to the fraternal movement has been called direct, authentic and comedic. Growing up with incredibly strong female role models, Will has committed his life to removing barriers for women so they can be safe, successful and independent. Will has the privilege of serving as Delta Zeta Sorority’s Chief Safety Officer where he serves students and volunteers by providing educational resources around alcohol use, drug use, sexual assault prevention, victim/survivor support, crisis management, mental health/wellness topics and culture change. Additionally, Will was the Chief Architect of the Clutch solution which is a social event application that aims to make social event and risk prevention relatable and realistic. Will is a proud fraternity man and holds degrees in community and public health and drug and alcohol counseling. Will is a sought after consultant in the fraternity/sorority prevention space and collaborates with several national women’s organizations in the area of health and wellness.

Webinar description: “These students just are not as strong emotionally as they used to be!” “These students have all the problems in the world and they seem to just all be about emotions and feelings!” You are correct. The students we serve today are more authentic, vulnerable and stressed out than ever before. Not only do they face greater demands than generations past, they are also facing a growing list of doom-and-gloom futures. This is the “subscriber generation” and if fraternities and sororities don’t adjust how our members interface with our organizations, facilities and volunteers in high stress times they will simply unsubscribe for the experience we offer them. Now is the time to dig in and adjust our approach to the growing mental health demands and increasing needs of our students so we can keep them engaged and comfortable. We are not mental health professionals but we must begin to adjust our understanding and attitudes to become more empathetic and aware of these growing needs.This session will help participants understand both why and how they can create a growing culture of care that will allow students to feel supported without feeling the demand of treatment at the National Organization level.

When: April 1, 2020 at 1PM ET
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