Is there any insurance coverage for the consequences of COVID-19?

Please review this article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal for more information (non-paywall version here), and bear in mind that most, if not all, including the policies in the MJ Sorority program, contain similar verbiage regarding business interruption and civil authority.  The Property policy includes Loss of Income coverage, which provides coverage for your ongoing and extra expenses, but only following a covered property loss.  For example, if you would have a pipe burst that would cause you to have to remove several women from their assigned rooms.  If they were required to find alternate housing on their own, the policy would provide that lost income.  More commonly, especially for a short term, the House Corporation would find alternative housing, such as at a local hotel, and the policy would pay the difference between what the women are already paying for and the cost of the hotel.  

However, the policies require that property loss trigger before they provide payment.  Unfortunately, there isn’t any coverage in the policy for the situation in which we now find ourselves because there has not been a defined property loss. This is a good time to review your housing and employment contracts to see if/how unexpected house or university closings are to be addressed. 

Read this bulletin for further information or watch our recorded webinar.