What should Chapter Advisors be doing now to prepare for a presumed fall opening?

We have created an entire resource titled “What To Consider Before Re-Opening.”

Most importantly, Chapter Advisors need to be in communication with the national organization Headquarters and their contacts at their university. The university will have to lay out explicit instructions for reopening any residential spaces, so it is important that you are continually in contact with them to determine what your facilities and chapters need to be doing to prepare.

Chapter Advisors will also want to open communication channels with their House Corporations regarding any changes that they see to how the house will need to operate in the fall (regarding food, sleeping arrangements, etc.) and how they will handle lease payments if significant numbers of members do not return in the fall. In addition, Chapter Advisors/Chapter Advisory Boards will need to communicate openly with their associated House Corporations to ensure that chapter members are following social distancing guidelines, from both the university and the CDC. There will likely need to be significant communication with the members (and their parents) about what steps the chapters and House Corporations are taking to adhere to CDC guidelines, as well as what consequences will be in place for those who refuse to follow the guidelines set out by the university and the CDC.