What should we consider when closing the house in light of COVID-19?

It appears that most universities will close for the remainder of the semester, and we are recommending that our clients follow suit. Some things to keep in mind:

  • This is such an overwhelming and stressful time for all of those involved: House Corporation volunteers, employees, and members. It is important that House Corporations and property managers clearly communicate to their employees and member residents about procedures and expectations.
  • We are encouraging House Corporations to schedule move-outs in a staggered way, so as to minimize the number of people in the house at any time.
  • As always, the insurance program does not cover member’s personal property. If member’s personal property is damaged, they will need to rely on their parent’s homeowners’ insurance or a rental policy.
  • We typically recommend that House Corporations do not store member’s personal property, but these are extraordinary circumstances. If you do allow members to leave their personal property, do your best to make sure the property is secure, just as you would for summer break.
  • We recommend a thorough cleaning of the property before reopening based on CDC guidance.