As the number of reported cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to rise, women’s fraternities and sororities are increasingly confronted with the implications of university closures and additional consequences from this pandemic. We have and will continue to monitor and share information to help you navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19 and its associated impact on your organization. Contact your Client Executive with any questions and continue to check the MJ Sorority COVID-19 Resource Center for updated information and helpful resources.

Because our resources have become so voluminous, we separated out our resources into specific pages for Chapter Operations, Chapter House, Employment, Insurance Coverage & Financial Considerations, and COVID-19 Webinars and Virtual Offerings.

As this situation is such a dynamic one, information and recommendations have changed from the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020. We have tried to update resources accordingly, but always verify with your Client Executive for our most updated recommendations.

MJ Sorority Communications

All MJ Sorority communications linked to here.

MJ Insurance Resources

COVID-19 Response: All MJ Insurance Resources

Panhellenic and University-related Resources

Helpful Articles and Resources from Various Sources

Mental Health Resources and Recommendations

Many of our clients and mental health professionals already have tremendous mental health resources and are willing to share during these troubling days for all of us – check out the resources below:

Send your additional suggestions to Sara Sterley, Director of Risk Management Education, and we will add them to this page.

Financial Resources

During Will’s webinar, he recommended several financial-related resources, as that is a major source of stress for many of us in these uncertain times:

Frequently Asked Questions

Our COVID-19 related FAQs can be found here. We also addressed many of your specific questions in this webinar.

Do you have a COVID-19 question? Please submit your questions to Sara Sterley, and we will add them to this resource.