Coverage for your leaders and staff.

What happens when one of the individuals leading your organization does not act responsibly on your behalf? Those staff members are fiduciaries of your organization. You rely on them. And when one of these trusted individuals fails to properly manage your affairs, the entire leadership may be held liable.

Directors & Officers coverage protects the members of your boards and others in leadership positions.  Any director, officer, or employee of the organization can be insured under a D&O plan. The insurance company the has the right and duty to defend any covered claim, up to the policy limit, and will pay on your behalf all judgments.

Further protection for your staff arises from Employment Practices Liability coverage, which applies to any director, officer, employee, or volunteer of your organization. Because employment law dictates how leaders of nonprofit organizations manage their workforce, violations can mean financial peril.

EPL coverage applies in situations such as employment-related discrimination, sexual harassment, or wrongful discharge.

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